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Efficient Execution

Training Coordinators

Efficiently Procure & Manage Training Expertise Year-Round


It's nearing year-end, beginning the 4th quarter. You must wrap-up scheduling your training for the new fiscal year. You know what skills development is warranted for your people, but you lack trainers and it's just you! Even if you have the budget, you still have yet to hire and schedule the training talent. More importantly - skilled trainers with evidence-based and strength centered focus. What to do?

Joyfields Institute for Evidence-Based Professionals of course. The institute has faculty talent you need to meet your goals. They are efficient and once assigned you have further worries. The institute handles the details of the project on your behalf. You can spend your valuable time focused on what you do best - learning what your team’s needs are, and assessing what capacity building is needed. We focus on getting you the resources you need, when you need them. We make you look good!

We can help in so many different ways. Please review the services we provide and request a quote. Services we provide;

  • Training on Evidence-Based subject matter

  • Organizational Performance Report Card

  • Professional Evidence-Based Certifications


Please review the services we provide and request a quote from us. Services we provide include;

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  • "The trainer helped me learn with real-life examples and anecdotes that I could relate and connect with."

  • "The role plays, practice and demonstrations during the training helped to reinforce what was being taught"

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